The Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Łódź

ROSZ HASZANA 5775/5776 // 2015

Rosz haszana-700x263The Marek Edelman Dialog Center and the Jewish Community of Łódź have the pleasure to invite you to a lecture on Jewish holy days. It will be another meeting of the KALENDARZ BAŁUCKI [BAŁUTY CALENDAR].



Tłumaczenie świataOn the next lecture in the „Explaining the World” series, Konstanty Gebert will explore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its international political consequences. How will the conflict develop? Is this important to us?

TUESDAY, April 21, 6 PM

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Marek Edelman and Alina Margolis day


Ala z ElementarzaTo commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the Marek Edelman Center for Dialogue would like to invite you to an event dedicated to Marek Edelman's wife, Alina Margolis-Edelman.

Friday, April 16, 6 PM

Marek Edelman and i Alina Margolis day

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