Czas Litzmannstadt Getto. Obrazy filmowe (PL) / Time of the Litzmannstadt. Film images (EN)

Czas Litzmannstadt Getto. Obrazy filmowe (PL) / Time of the Litzmannstadt. Film images (EN)

Catalogue of the film project "Hell in Promised Land" prepared for the 75th anniversary of the liquidation of the ghetto contains descriptions of all the films presented, including: "Amateur Photographer" by Dariusz Jabłoński, "The Story of Chaim Rumkowski and the Jews of Lodz" (dir. Peter Cohen, Bo Kuritzen), "Radegast" by Borys Lankosz or "Line 41" by Tanja Cummings, as well as texts presenting the historical background.

Dialogue Center Library. Łódź 2014

Published in two language versions; Polish and English.

 E-BOOK: https://www.centrumdialogu.com/ebooks/pieklo/

 E-BOOK (EN): https://www.centrumdialogu.com/ebooks/pieklo/en


Łódź Pamięta // 70. rocznica likwidacji Litzmannstadt Getto

Łódź Pamięta // 70th Anniversary of Litzmannstadt Ghetto Liquidation

(the book in Polish-English bilingual version)

An album summarizing the events which were held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liquidation of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto. Official and religious ceremonies, concerts, exhibitions, walks, literary meetings, historical discussions and film screenings have been documented in descriptions and photos. The publication also contains speeches by the hosts of the ceremony, official guests and Survivors.

Dialogue Center Library. 2014


Klub Kuriera, broszura

Courier Club, booklet

The Courier Club was founded on the initiative of employees of the Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Łódź. The Club was supposed to become a place for young people who are interested in learning history directly, at its sources. The idea, which originated in 2014, was inspired by the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jan Kozielewski, better known as Jan Karski, who was born in Łódź in 1914.

The authors of the booklet are members of the Courier Club.

Dialogue Center Library. Łódź 2014

E-BOOK: https://www.centrumdialogu.com/ebooks/karski/klub_kuriera/ (available only in Polish)

2014. Rok Karskiego w Łodzi

2014 The Year of Karski in Łódź

The American weekly Newsweek placed Jan Karski among the most prominent people of the 20th century, and considered his war mission to be one of the moral milestones of civilization. In December 2013, the Parliament of the Republic of Poland decided that 2014 - the centenary of the birth of the Underground Polish State emissary - would be the Year of Jan Karski. On this occasion, the person of Jan Karski was remembered throughout Poland, as well as in many other countries. In Łódź, where Karski was born and raised, educational and cultural projects were held throughout the year. This publication summarizes the events that took place as part of the Jan Karski Year in the emissary's hometown.

Dialogue Center Library. Łódź 2014

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