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Plac WolnościDo you want to know more about the photograph on the fridge magnet

distributed during the Polish Culture Days - Kulturalia 2012?

It is the Liberty Square in the early twentieth century.

In 1821, the New City (Nowe Miasto) of Łódź was established. Its central point was the New Market (Nowy Rynek), or the today's Liberty Square.

The New City Market was located on a small hill, with four streets extending to the four sides of the world.

The market used to be a place where trade flourished. In the middle, there were market stalls where merchants sold their goods. Trade continued there until the end of the nineteenth century. When trams were introduced in the city, the stalls were moved to the Piastowski square .

In 1827 - 1828, the City Hall and the Holy Trinity evangelical church were built at the New Market. The church, originally very similar to the City Hall, was rebuilt in 1889. Today, it is difficult to see any similarity. Since 1945, it has been a Roman Catholic church.
In November 1919, the New Market was given its present name, Liberty Square.

At the Square, there are four museums:

     Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography (http://www.maie.lodz.pl/)
     Museum of the 'Dętka' Canal (http://www.muzeum-lodz.pl/inne/detka.php)
     Museum of Pharmacy (http://www.museo.pl/content/view/706/82/)
     Museum of Catholic Łódź (http://www.muzeum-lodz.pl/wystawy_s/katolicka/index.html).

The main office of the Marek Edelman Dialogue Center is located th the Liberty Square.

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