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                          rtur Szyk was born in Łódź, on 16 June
                          1894 (sometimes a different date is given,
                    Anamely 2 or 3 June). His father, Salomon
                    (Szloma) Szyk, was an industrialist. He worked  in
                    Moscow in the Zindel&Company textile factory.                                       7 7 BIOGRAPHY
                    His mother, Eugenia Rogacka, also came from
                    Russia, from Vitebsk. The Szyks moved to Łódź –
                    which at the time was a rapidly developing center
                    of textile industry – probably in the 1890s.
                     The Szyk factory was located at Cegielniana
                    Street, at number 272a, on a lot stretching
                    between Piotrkowska and Wólczańska streets
                    (today Więckowskiego 5). The Szyks moved to a
                    house in the same street.

                     The artist spoke about his childhood and early
                    youth in Łódź on many occasions:
                     "Here, in Łódź, I was taking my first steps, here
                    I spent my turbulent youth and there are
                    thousands of threads that tie me to this city. Łódź,
                    in spite of the thick layer of dirt on the ground
                    and the smoke in the sky, has a great, good heart,
                    like no other place in the world. Trust me, I am
                    not blinded by patriotism but I speak from
                    experience. In my life, I have travelled so much,
                    I have visited many cities in Europe and Asia, and
                    although everywhere I was welcomed by
                                                                The 1905 revolutionists in Łódź,
                    hospitality, nowhere have I found such a warm  detail from the Statute of Kalisz
                    atmosphere as in Łódź. Surely, to a large extent,
                    this is because of my childhood memories, as
                    each street, each house, each stone even is linked
                    to some vague memory.".         A Szyk

                     Artur was an exceptionally talented child. As a
                    boy he was studying drawing and painting at Jakub
                    Kacenbogen's school in Łódź. It was his mother
                    who brought him there. We could assume that she
                    might have chosen the place because at the same
                    address as the artist's atelier  (27 Spacerowa Street)
                    another Szyk family factory was located. Then,
                    young students of art went for lessons at
                    Piotrkowska Street. Artur went to school with older
                    boys, who later were to also become artists,
                    including Icchok Wincenty Brauner (1887–1944),
                    associated with the Jung Idysz group – during the
                    war, he was imprisoned in the Łódź ghetto and
                    murdered at Auschwitz – or Abraham Berman
                    (1876–1942).                                Łódź, Piotrkowska Street, late 19 century
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