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                 INTRODUCTION 4 4  "I am a Jew and Poland
                                     is my homeland.
                                     I cannot separate
                                 the two in my heart"

                              rtur Szyk, creator of miniatures,  "Wherever I go, I shall always and above all else
                              illuminated  books  and  brilliant  work for Poland. As a Pole, I reserve the rights to
                        A caricatures, is one of the most fascinating  my works for my country before all other
                        artists of the 20th century. Exceptional and  countries."
                        distinct, he is deeply rooted in culture. He draws  He left Poland just before World War Two,
                        upon the medieval masters but he speaks in his  never to return. He died on 13 September 1951 in
                        own voice.                              the USA.
                         Experts call him the greatest illuminator since
                        the 16th century; indeed, since Renaissance, there  The exhibition ARTUR SZYK − MAN OF
                        has been no one to match his talent. As an artist,  DIALOGUE, being a part of the Łódź of Four
                        Artur Szyk also contributed to the fight against the  Cultures festival, opens exactly on the 60th
                        Nazi oppressor, with his paintbrush and pallete  anniversary of the artist's death, 85 years after
                        and with his wit and intelligence.      his most important work, The Statute of Kalisz,
                         Even though his works can be found in the  was created (inspired by the May Coup in 1926)
                        most important libraries and museums all over the  and consisting of a collection of miniatures
                        world, people of Łódź and Poland still know very  showcasing the thousand years of Polish−Jewish
                        little about him. We should talk about him and  relations. We are hoping that the exhibition
                        proudly present his works to the world.  travels in Poland and abroad, calling attention
                         Artur Szyk, Polish Jew, citizen of Łódź and a  to the great Polish patriot: a Pole and a Jew, who
                        patriot, always emphasized his love for Poland.   couldn't "separate the two in his heart".
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