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                                                                  The exhibition ARTUR SZYK − MAN
                                                                 OF DIALOGUE would not be possible
                                                                 without the help of various persons and
                                                                 institutions.                          5 5 INTRODUCTION
                                                                  First of all, our thanks  go to Ms.
                                                                 Aleksandra Szyk (Bracie) Braciejowska,
                                                                 who welcomed the initiative to show her
                                                                 Father's works in his home city, as well as
                                                                 to create a permanent exhibition of his art
                                                                 in Łódź. She promised that should such a
                                                                 place be established in Łódź, she would
                                                                 donate originals of Artur Szyk's works that
                                                                 she has in her possession to the City.
                                                                  We are also very grateful for the help of
                                                                 Irvin Ungar, art collector and the curator
                                                                 of the Artur Szyk Society in California,
                                                                 who kindly shared his knowledge and
                                                                 provided us with reproductions of
                                                                 numerous works for our exhibition.
                                                                  The exhibition was also made possible
                                                                 thanks to the involvement of Marek Szukalak,
                                                                 a bibliophile who has been popularizing the
                                                                 art of the great citizen of Łódź in Poland for
                                                                  The original works of Artur Szyk from his
                                                                 Statute of Kalisz are presented courtesy of
                                                                 the Józef Piłsudski  Regional and Municipal
                                                                 Public Library, the anti−Bolshevik posters
                                                                 are owned by the State Archives in Łódź.
                                                                 The exhibition is accompanied by excerpts
                                                                 from the film Artur Szyk – the Illuminator,
                                                                 directed by Piotr Zarębski.
                                                                  The English version of the catalogue would
                                                                 not be possible without the support of the
                    Poland (Polska), miniature and detail from   Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of
                    the series Visual History of Nations, New
                    Canaan, 1946                                 the Republic of Poland.
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