Page 6 - Centrum Dialogu im. Marka Edelmana w Łodzi. Time of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto. Film images.
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Concept: Tomasz Majewski
            Academic editing: Tomasz Majewski, Joanna Podolska, Tamara Skalska
            Authors: Małgorzata Andrzejewska-Psarska, Ewa Ciszewska,
            Tomasz Majewski, Joanna Podolska, Bartosz Zając
            Proofreading (Polish version): Emilia Michalak
            Design and typesetting:
            Cover design:
            English version: Dorota Dekiert
            Proofreading (English version): Nigel Axworthy

            Unless no detailed information is given below the photographs
            in this catalogue, the published materials have been made available for
            free by their makers, producers or distributors of the films
            presented in this catalogue as a part of license rights,
            and by the State Archive in Łódź.

            ISBN 978-83-63182-17-5
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