Page 10 - Centrum Dialogu im. Marka Edelmana w Łodzi. Time of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto. Film images.
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             of the



            On February 8, 1940, the 'Lodzscher Zeitung'

            daily  newspaper  published  a  directive  from
            Johann Schafer, the German police president,

            about the creation of a separate housing district
            for Jews in the Stare Miasto and Bałuty districts.

            On  February  12,  1940,  a  mass  resettlement
            action began: Jews had to move to the ghetto,

            whereas Poles and Germans were moved out of

            that area to other parts of the city. At that time,
            Łódź was incorporated into the Reich and was

            part of the Warthegau region. On April 11, 1940
            it  was  renamed  Litzmannstadt  to  honour  the

            German  general,  Karl  Litzmann  (1850-1936)
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