The Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Łódź

The exact number of survivors of the Lodz Ghetto is not known – it is estimated at between 7 and 12 thousand people. The Survivors’ Park is dedicated to those very people and their memory. One form of such commemoration is the idea of dedicating a tree in the Park to the Survivors. Until today, 545 such trees have been planted - the first ones in 2004 and the last in October 2011, during the 70th anniversary of the deportation of Jews from Western Europe to the Lodz ghetto.

The main compositional axis of the Park is the Arnold Mostowicz Avenue. It links the Monument of Poles Saving Jews during World War II with the Memorial Hill, on top of which the bench of Jan Karski stands. Along the avenue granite plaques are laid, engraved with the names of the Survivors of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto and the numbers of trees assigned to them in the Park.