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The Human Library is a valuable anti-discrimination educational tool. Since 2004, it has been the official method of the Council of Europe in human rights education, the aim of which is to create a space for social dialogue in which, through a conversation with a person - the so-called “a Human Book”, anyone can challenge stereotypes and critically look at what they think about others. It is thanks to openness to topics difficult for a given community that the Human Library can effectively replace stereotypes with knowledge, experience and empathy towards people exposed to discrimination. In the Human Library you can talk to both a Muslim, a Catholic, a priest, a nun, a deaf person, a sober alcoholic, a person experiencing a homelessness crisis, a person suffering from schizophrenia, a policeman, a vegan as well as a gay, lesbian or transgender person.

Żywa Biblioteka Łódź// listopadEach person who comes to the Human Library, called the Reader, selects a Human Book from the catalogue and can then talk to him/her by asking any questions.

The project was born in Denmark in 2000, where it was implemented by the Human Library Organization. Under its patronage the Dialogue Center has been organizing the Human Library in Łódź.

Since 2014, we have organized six major open editions of the Human Library (always in November, on the occasion of International Tolerance Day), as well as many smaller editions: for selected professional groups (city guards, policemen, teachers), in Łódź schools and at the university, in the park as part of the Teatralna Karuzela (Theatre Carousel) festival or at the Fujitsu company.

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