The Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Łódź


The Marek Edelman Dialogue Center implements educational projects with students of Łódź high schools as part of the so-called "Courier Club". This name refers to Jan Karski - a famous citizen of Łódź, a courier of the Polish Underground State, known worldwide as a man who informed people about the mass crimes carried out by the Germans on Jews in occupied Poland. Jan Karski is one of the key characters for the education provided at the Center. Karski's mission - understood as spreading awareness and asking difficult questions about the moral condition of the world around us, has been guiding our educational activities to this day.

 In the EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS tab you can find materials developed as part of projects implemented at the Center.

The following educational projects have been implemented in the Dialogue Center:

"Courier Club"

"Righteous Among the Nations"

„Sprawiedliwi wśród Narodów Świata“

"There are no children. There are people"

“Nie ma dzieci są ludzie“

"Courier Club TV."

„Klub Kuriera Tv“

"Courier Club FM"

„Klub Kuriera FM“